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President of the Hong Kong Chefs Association, Chef Eddy Leung has had substantial experiences in the Culinary Industry. This includes working at several five-star hotels in Hong Kong in his earlier years such as Swire Hotels, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Gaddis at the Peninsula Hotel and Grand Hyatt Hotel. Eddy started up his own restaurant; Chez Ed, which serves a new wave of the French and European mixture. He also has an Italian restaurant; G7 Private Dining. More recently Eddy launched a very popular noodle bar; Lobster Bobo by Eddy which serves noodles with fresh lobster, slow cook vegetables, and a rich lobster bisque. We sat down with Chef Eddy to discuss his story and upcoming project.
Here’s our Chef of the Month for July, Eddy Leung.

1. What is your cooking inspiration?

I love simplicity and adherence to the fundamental principles. Therefore, all the dishes are sticking to the back-to-basics approach. I would rather put emphasis on the cooking technique and most importantly the flavor instead of having the fancy modern cuisine.

2. What is your latest project?

I am going to open up a new branch for Hainan Bobo in Kwun Tong in this coming October. I aim to share the great quality and ingredients of my culinary skills to the general public in my hometown.

3. Who would you most like to cook for?

I would love to cook for the needy kids in remote areas of China, Cambodia or any poverty regions. The satisfaction to make the kids happy by sharing my dishes is far more special than for me than anything else.

4. How have you managed your role in the Hong Kong Chefs Association as president?

In these two years, I have tried my very best to gather all the chefs to join our big family. Together we strive to excel in the chef profession through sharing, learning and community service. Besides being actively involved in the culinary industry, we also care about our society; therefore we have made positive efforts and contributions in charity activities within different areas.

5. What is your all-time best culinary tip?

There is no short cut to success; diligence is often the door to success.


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