Chef of Chef Works – Arnaud Hauchon

Chef Arnaud Hauchon Intro

A native from the North of the Champagne region of France, Chef Arnaud brings over 20 years of experience from numerous French and Michelin starred restaurants around Europe.

In 2006, he synergised his ethics, ecological concerns and wish to approach “food as medicine”, helping people reconnect with their health and environment.

Since he dedicated his craft in creating and refining a pure, healthy, and harmonizing plant based Cuisine, reflecting the seasons, a natural response and remedy to our
times and places.

His interest and fascination in the New Nordic Cuisine and Ethos led him to leading roles in Iceland, Sweden, Norway and most recently Denmark.
Chef Arnaud joined Fivelements in the Winter of 2016 as Executive Chef, heading our teams of talented and devoted chefs in the Sakti Dining Room, first in Bali then in Hong kong.

Chef Arnaud has most recently embraced the role and responsibility of Fivelements Culinary Curator, expanding our Culinary vision, creating, refining and developing the future of Fivelements culinary concepts internationally.

Your restaurant/business?
Sakti Elixir at Fivelements Habitat


Describe your kitchen?
Modern whole-food plant-based cuisine


Favorite Chef  Works item and why?
The Springfield chef coat; light, flexible and comfortable


First job?
Commis Chef


Your favorite cookbook?
Relae a Book of Idea


Your Awards
“Best Vegetarian, Vegan Restaurant” by UK Vegetarian Society.


Your cooking inspiration?
My Mother


Your speciality dish?
Steamed vegetables “Jardiniere” with garden herbs and virgin oil


Favorite dish to eat?
My Mother’s Onion Tarte


Weirdest thing you ever ate?
Rotten Stingray wings, steamed (It’s an Icelandic delicacy)


Favorite ice cream flavor?


Favorite drink?
Chinese Red Tea


Favorite wine (be specific)?
Gewurstraminer, late Harvest, Alsace – France


Who would you most like to cook for?
Paul McCartney or the Dalai Lama


Who would you least like to cook for?
A Ghoul or a Zombie


Favorite things to do when not cooking?


Your latest project?
Sakti Elixir


Favorite city and why?
Hong Kong, because this is where I live now


Your greatest indulgence?
Hot Maroilles Tarte from the North of France


Your all-time best culinary tip?
Cook with your heart; simple, good and honest food



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