Chef of Chef Works – Chef Betty Fung

Betty Fung is a former airport office clerk and initialy learnt her culinary skills during her off-hours from work.

She was always determined to become a chef so she decided to go to the world famous ‘Le Cordon Blue Culinary Arts Institute’ in Paris to further her culinary studies.

After a year of refining dessert courses, Betty’s cooking skills improved by leaps and bounds and she got a better understanding of what it takes to be a chef.

Betty now lives in Macau and continues her passion at Café Bonbon.

Your restaurant/business?
Café Bonbon. A bistro in Macau which serves a unique patisserie and the cuisine is renowned as a perfect blend of tradition and modernity along with an inspirational touch from my many travels!


Describe your kitchen?
It’s a cozy kitchen with the concept inspired by the feeling from the South of France and specializes in French-fusion cuisine.


Favorite Chef  Works item and why?
Zipper Chef Coat, I love the white color with zip front; the slim cut is perfect for female chefs! The material is soft with cool vent, so comfortable and make me look professional and stylish.


First job?
Aeronautical Information & Communication Officer at Macau International Airport.


Your favorite cookbook?
Best of Pierre Hermé.


Your Awards
The best private kitchen in Macau by Essential Magazine.


Your cooking inspiration?
Meeting amazing chefs from the world over to build a global view of gastronomy!


Your speciality dish?
One of my brand signature pastry is Lavender Lemon Tart.


Favorite dish to eat?
Desserts by Claire Heitzler, I was impressed with the beauty of her desserts, each dessert is just like an art piece!


Weirdest thing you ever ate?


Favorite ice cream flavor?
Rum Raisin.


Favorite drink?
Hot Chocolate.


Favorite wine (be specific)?
Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Champagne.


Who would you most like to cook for?
My family and friends.


Who would you least like to cook for?
Those who don’t love to eat and those who waste food.


Favorite things to do when not cooking?
Travelling, tasting food and attending courses related to food & beverage topics.


Your latest project?
A collaboration with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Macau for the “Art of Rosé Pairing” with my desserts.


Favorite city and why?
Paris, where I have my professional pastry training and gives me a great chance to be introduced to French culinary techniques and culture. It is also a romantic city!


Your greatest indulgence?
Traveling around, tasting food and seeking flavours to create!


Your all-time best culinary tip?
Be happy, passion and creative at my work!
And it’s never too late to chase your dream!



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