Chef of Chef Works – Chef Xin Liu

Chef Raul Liu (Xin Liu) graduated from the Beijing Jinsong Vocational School majoring in Western cuisine in 1993, and has spent much of his career working in Western restaurants in five star hotels in Beijing.

From Spanish cuisine to French cuisine, Liu has always worked with talented chefs and learned a lot from them, but this was not enough for him. In 2015, Liu quit his job as an executive chef, and started to explore cuisines from around the world as an “on-the-road chef”.

He tried more than one hundred restaurants worldwide each year, and each city he visited brought him fresh inspiration.

Your restaurant/business?
F&B Consultant.


Describe your kitchen?
Modern, Unique, Fusion,Efficiency.


Favorite Chef  Works item and why?
Gramercy Chef Coat – it’s light and airy, very comfortable.


First job?
La Gondola Italian Restaurant – Kempinski Hotel Beijing.


Your favorite cookbook?
Cocina Verde by Rodrigo de la Calle.


Your Awards

  • Angliss Discovery Culinary Tournament Asia 2013 (Certificate) 2013.
  • Culinary World of Beijing 2014 Best Culinary Skills Award & Outstanding Lamb Dish Creation.
  • International Food & Beverage Cultural Exchange Award 2014.
  • The Tatler Magazine Best Restaurant Choice 2014 (Best Chef)
  • The Scottish Seafood Recipe Competition 2014 (Certificate)
  • 2014 China International Top Chef Invitational Competition by SIAL (Silver Medal) SIAL


Your cooking inspiration?
Fusion cuisine.


Your speciality dish?
Sichuan Style Duck Confit.


Favorite dish to eat?
Beijing Hotpot.


Weirdest thing you ever ate?
Orange Ball in Lisboa.


Favorite ice cream flavor?
Black Sesame.


Favorite drink?
White Tea.


Favorite wine (be specific)?


Who would you most like to cook for?


Who would you least like to cook for?
Rodrigo de la Calle.


Favorite things to do when not cooking?
Play Tv Games.


Your latest project?
Who Tone Bistro in Toronto.


Favorite city and why?
Beijing,Its my hometown.


Your greatest indulgence?
Watching Cooking Shows.


Your all-time best culinary tip?
Make use of fresh seasonal ingredients and always cook with passion.



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