Chef of Chef Works – Philippe Bruneau

Chef Philippe Bruneau Intro

Philippe Bruneau is originally from a small village on the South of Paris and started his career 20 years ago. With his culinary roots strongly influenced by the traditional French cuisine as well as modern gastronomy, chef Philippe is the perfect fit for leading the Hong Kong Jockey Club kitchen brigade for this stunning property, where his knowledge of European gastronomy and creativity can be fully utilized. Drawing inspiration from culinary creations of his grandmother and mother, chef Philippe started his career in Europe, particularly France then in England with Gordon Ramsay, Switzerland in a 3 Michelin star restaurant and the Caribbean later moving to the United States, where he joined his first Ritz-Carlton property in Sarasota, Florida. In 2008, looking to expand his horizons while staying within the company and in search of new experiences, Philippe arrived in Sanya, China to join the Ritz-Carlton pre-opening team as Chef de Cuisine at the stunning beachfront restaurant specializing in seafood and barbecue.

Philippe’s growing career lead him to Dubai where he took part in the Ritz-Carlton opening. His experience in international fine dining gastronomy resulted by winning the Middle-Eastern Culinary Championship in 2011. Two and half years later, Chef Philippe decided to return to Asia where he was appointed Executive Chef of the Westin Guangzhou located in the business district followed by  3 years at the W Hotel in Guangzhou as Culinary Director. While in China, chef Philippe Bruneau developed his cooking techniques, adding Asian ingredients to the list of his favourites and scooping up five medals at the International Culinary Arts Competition in Shanghai and more recently “National Champion” at the Global Gourmet Competition 2015 and 2016, Top 50 best chef in Asia 2015, 2016, 2017 as well as “Best Chef Hotelier Greater China 2017” from the Hotelier Award in Macau.

Philippe took over the Western kitchens of the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Happy Valley Clubhouse in September 2018. He also looks after the pre-opening of the Western Kitchens of a brand new clubhouse.

When he’s not leading his multinational team, Philippe indulges his passion for photography, exercising, playing tennis and badminton.

Your restaurant/business?
The Hong Kong Jockey Club


Describe your kitchen?
Several concepts of international restaurants


Favorite Chef  Works item and why?
Urban denim jacket, brown apron


First job?
Cook at the “Downhall country house hotel” – England, North of London


Your favorite cookbook?
Alinea, Grant Achatz


Your Awards

2017 : Awarded “Best Chef Hotelier Greater China” – Macau
2016 : Finalist of the Asian Hotelier Award – Macau
2017 : Finalist of the Asian Masterchef tv show – Haikou
2015, 2016 : National Champion, New western cuisine
2013, 2014, 2015 : Top 15 best chef in China
2013,2014,2015 : Top 50 best chef in Asia
2013 : Chef of the year(china)
2012 : Golf medal – 5 course fine dining, salon culinaire (Dubai)
2011 : Middle-East Champion at the Russian standard contest (Dubai)
2009 : Best leader award at the Ritz-Carlton
2009 : 5 medals at the FHC international in Shanghai
2007 : Winner of the Florida championship and qualified for the national finals


Your cooking inspiration?
My grandmother


Your speciality dish?
Modern European gastronomy


Favorite dish to eat?
Veal sweetbread (from my grandmother of course:-)


Weirdest thing you ever ate?
Shirako – Japanese fish semen


Favorite ice cream flavor?
Rum raisin (with extra rum:-)


Favorite drink?
Whisky sour


Favorite wine (be specific)?
Basalt Chardonnay 2016 – Australia


Who would you most like to cook for?
The president of France


Who would you least like to cook for?
Someone rude


Favorite things to do when not cooking?
Time with family as well as sports : Tennis, badminton and golf


Your latest project?
Opening a new private clubhouse for the Hong Kong Jockey Club


Favorite city and why?
Hong Kong. Mix a cultures, weather and travel conveniency


Your greatest indulgence?
Positivity, flexibility and satisfied customers


Your all-time best culinary tip?
“Your limits are your imagination”



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