Chef of Chef Works – Zack Fong

Chef Zack Fong Intro

Zack Fong is a young chef from Malaysia who is currently working in a French restaurant in Macau. He studied Culinary Arts for his bachelor degree in Taiwan. He has been working as a professional chef for over 6 years. Despite the number of
years in the industry, Zack has made a few major achievements such as the decorative Gold Medal Award for HOFEX19. He believes that a good dish has the ability to tell a great story. That is his motive for joining the recent online video contest, to tell a story through his cooking.

Your restaurant/business?
I work with the F&B team in a 5-star hotel in Macau


Describe your kitchen?
Pitching the balance between classical and modern culinary to accommodate current market demand.


Favorite Chef  Works item and why?
Memphis Bib Apron/ Corvallis Bistro Apron. I like the rustic twist, fits my cooking personality for cosy-casual yet professional.


First job?
Prep cook at a local Chinese seafood restaurant


Your favorite cookbook?
Octaphilosophy: The Eight Elements of Restaurant André


Your Awards
HOFEX19 Gold Medalist for Sustainable Seafood; San Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 Asian Finalist


Your cooking inspiration?
Sustainable, natural, organic


Your speciality dish?
Beef Wellington Rendang


Favorite dish to eat?
Fresh-from-the-oven croissant and chocolate danish, served with a cup of flatwhite. I can eat this every morning.


Weirdest thing you ever ate?
Red Wine Risotto topped with Scrambled Egg (during a students examination tasting)


Favorite ice cream flavor?
Salted Caramel


Favorite drink?
Japanese Kakubin Highball


Favorite wine (be specific)?
Rhone Valley, M Chapoutier, French series


Who would you most like to cook for?
Those who listen to me when I’m explaining my dish.


Who would you least like to cook for?
Not logical diner request. Well done filet-mignon, oil-less egg-white omelette. You name it


Favorite things to do when not cooking?
Fishing, diving. I love the calmness of the sea with the contrast to the kitchen intensity.


Your latest project?
Project Maggi, an online video cooking contest


Favorite city and why?
Kaohsiung. I find the living pace just right. not too rushing, not too slow. The locals are friendly, the food is great.


Your greatest indulgence?
Meet chefs and know their stories.


Your all-time best culinary tip?
Present a dish that tells a story.



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