Chefs of Chef Works – Jacky Wu

Chef Jacky Wu Chun Kit has been appointed Duddell’s new Executive Chef.  Having started his career as an apprentice in his mid-teens, Chef Wu followed the traditional path of renowned Chinese chefs, working his way up the ranks in some of Hong Kong’s most popular Cantonese restaurants. Following a two-year stint in Australia, he returned to Hong Kong where he was named Sous Chef at the renowned Sky Boss 101 at the ICC in Tsim Sha Tsui. Having earned plaudits for his fresh interpretation of classic Cantonese cuisine, the 35-year-old will now bring his creativity to Duddell’s. While honouring traditional cooking techniques, he will add his own personal style to elevate the culinary discourse at Duddell’s and reinforce its position as Hong Kong’s premium arts and culture destination.

Your restaurant/business?


Describe your kitchen?
Authentic Cantonese with a modern touch in a harmonious way.


Favorite Chef Works item and why?
The chef coats – it’s light and airy. It also makes me look very professional.


First job?
Junior cook at Tung Yuen Chinese Seafood Restaurant.


Your favorite cookbook?
The Kitchen Diaries.


Your awards?
Gold Award in HOFEX HKICC Modern Chinese Cuisine Challenge 2017 Hot Cooking (Creative Appetizer), Gold Award in 2015 Chinese Cuisine World Championship (China Hong Kong Culinary Team).


Your cooking inspiration?
Explore all different cuisines around the world, never limit myself.


Your specialty dish?
Pan-fried South Australian scallop, ginger-scallion egg white, black truffle, truffle vinegar pearl – a forward thinking and luxurious take on the nostalgic Cantonese dish of braised egg whites.


Favorite dish to eat?
I am open to anything delicious!


Weirdest thing you ever ate?
“Weirdie chicken” – sichuan-style fried chicken with spicy sesame sauce. You can find sweet, sour, spicy, nutty and savoury flavours in one bite. That is a really weird taste.


Favorite ice cream flavor?
Rocky Road.


Favorite drink?
Hong Kong Style milk tea.


Favorite wine (be specific)?
Australian moscato.


Who would you most like to cook for?
My wife.


Who would you least like to cook for?
Those who waste food.


Favorite things to do when not cooking?
Wandering in local markets.


Your latest project?
Inject western techniques into Chinese cooking.


Favorite city and why?
Melbourne. I love the coffee culture there. .


Your greatest indulgence?
Downing soda/ bubbles with sushi.


Your all-time best culinary tip?
Make use of fresh seasonal ingredients and always cook with passion.



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