SKILD Series™

Chef Works SKILD SERIES™ Face Coverings

The SKILD SERIES™ of face coverings were curated through collaboration

with multiple industry leaders to develop designs that are comfortable, versatile and stylish.

Chef Works is proud to launch the SKILD SERIES™️ of face coverings, which are specifically designed to help you adapt your skills for whatever comes next.

Through thoughtful collaboration with international hospitality leaders, we’ve crafted a collection that is comfortable, versatile and stylish. This was not a hurried process, but rather one of due diligence. The industry didn’t need more face coverings (i.e. face masks). It simply needed the right ones

The SKILD SERIES™offers a variety of styles – each with their own advantages and perks. Ranging from traditional to innovative, the styles of the SKILD SERIES™ offer multiple colors and functions that can be seamlessly integrated into any industry or trade.

The entire SKILD SERIES™ is available now for pre-order.

All five styles are washable, reusable and designed to fit all adult face shapes, sizes and facial hair (if applicable). SKILD SERIES™ face coverings are not medical-grade, yet the Center for Disease Control has advised that a face covering can help slow the spread of viruses and prevent people who might not know they are unwell from transmitting.